Computer Training For KIDS

Individual systems = individual assessment & progress!

Do not miss out!
This is the opportunity of a lifetime!!
Click-A-Mouse will be offering classes at your child’s school!  This is surely the best news you’ve heard in a long time.

Let your child join us on this adventure of fun, discovery and learning and we will click around with loads of educational programs, getting our little mice ready for big school and ensuring they are always one step ahead of the rest!

We aim to help develop children that are confident in the world of computers and are positively excited about all it has to offer!

We will print pictures and work on word to print letters for our proud parents.  We will learn about drop-down menus, using arrows and what to do with all those keys on the keyboard!!

Activities were developed for eager young minds to explore and practice important life and social skills. 

We will learn more about terminology, mouse and keyboard control while enhancing our small motor skills, self-confidence and hand-eye co-ordination.

Each child will progress at their own pace, more advanced children will have more advanced programs and beginners will start at the beginning!!

Newsletters, print-outs and reports through-out the year with special self-made Christmas surprises and certificates at the end of the year!

Lots to learn and lots to do!!
• One child per computer ensures individual progress!
• 30 min. lesson once a week.
• Maximum eight children per class.
• Interactive learning.
• Loads of activities.
• New programs each year.

We will click around with colours, shapes, letters, numbers, phonics, rhyming, sizing, sequencing, role play, categorization, matching, opposites, similarities, memory developing, songs and rhymes but to name a few!

We will learn all the different terminology and explore even the inside of the computer.  We will look inside the tower, USB, mouse and keyboard to understand how everything is linked together.

Ever touched the computers brain or played with the jelly letters inside the keyboard?  Did you know a stiffy’s insides turn the world red!!  Let your child experience all the fun facts of computers on a first hand, touch and learn basis!!

Join us on this amazing adventure on Wednesdays @ Kenridge PrePrimary

Esti Erasmus
082 882 0418