The Tygerberg Nature Reserve

Saturday 19 October Beach Cleanup

Bracken Nature Reserve (Reptile Show)



We had to get up with the sparrows as we had an exceptionally early start (06:00) on Saturday, 16 February when the Outdoor Club visited the False Bay Nature Reserve.

The reason for the early start was that we wanted to see the five eland: Mike, Gibbs, Uniqua, Berni and Little P, when being lead out of their boma at 07:30, into the surrounding area to “browse”. The eland have taken well to the natural vegetation of the endangered Cape Flats Dune Strandveld, from which they have been absent for over 200 years.

They are part of the GANTOUW project and have proved to be an effective browsing management tool for this reserve. Their browsing has helped to manage dense bush and veld and thereby open up areas for plant species to grow.

These majestic antelope are beautiful and graceful and it was awesome to see them up close. One in particular, was very interested in our group of children!


We then all helped to clean their boma and collected the manure for compost, swept the area, sifted the sand and changed their water. It felt good to get our hands “dirty” albeit whilst wearing plastic gloves!

Thank you to the parents who sent donations of water, carrots and cable ties.

Lukas was a star sifter!



Ons het later die Rondevlei-museum besoek waar allerhande interessante opgestopte diere en voëls voorkom. Ons het ook gelees van die seekoeie wat in die reservaat is, maar ongelukkig nie vir hulle gesien toe ons op ‘n uitstappie gegaan het, en verskillende “hides” besoek het nie. Ons het by ‘n baie hoë uitkyktoring opgeklim om ‘n groep pelikane te sien.



Ons het die oggend afgesluit met ‘n heerlike roomys by Muizenburg en glo dat almal die uitstappie baie geniet het. Ons sluit nou voorlopig af vir die eerste kwartaal.



More photographs from the morning:



Mr Dunn and the children enjoying the early morning “ice-breaker” activities.







Approximately 30 learners went on an evening outing to the Tygerberg Nature Reserve on Friday, 9 February.
They started off with fun and games in the hall, getting to know their peers and doing some group work. This was followed by an interesting experiment with the learners making their own Southern Cross using paper, strategic holes, an empty toilet roll and their flashlights.
The groups managed to project their own Southern Cross onto the roof of the hall using their flashlights, which was a very cool exercise.
They ended the evening with a night walk through the reserve and looked out for signs of nocturnal life and of course, a “midnight feast”.



A smaller group joined us for a Firewise talk on Saturday morning. It was very interesting, and particularly topical, in our drought-stricken conditions. The children were able to see and use the equipment and learnt a great deal regarding fire-fighting and the importance of controlled burning.
We ended the morning with a hike and a picnic overlooking Cape Town, with an awesome view of Table Mountain.



Mr Bennett and the learners doing the “Floss”



3 February 2018

Kenridge Outdoor Club took 24 learners to the Rietvlei Nature Reserve to learn more about the importance of wetlands and to explore the area.

We saw many of different species of birds and insects and the highlight of the day was when the groups conducted their own mini assessment, of the quality of the water, in the Rietvlei wetlands area.

It was an interesting morning and a good time was had by all.

Next – we are off to the Tygerberg Nature Reserve!



What a beautiful back-drop of Table Mountain and Lions Head


Learners having fun conducting the mini assessment of the water.


Dear Outdoor Club Members and Parents

Welcome back to all of our members and a special welcome to our new members. This year we are excited to have Nature at Heart on board, who will be assisting us with our events.  We have a wonderful line-up of outings and are looking forward to spending time with your children in a more relaxed environment.

Please take note of the following 1st term activities: ONLY FOR SIGNED UP OUTDOOR CLUB MEMBERS. If you would like to attend the outings, please remember to book your place as soon as possible, as we can ONLY TAKE 26 CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL COMBI’S and our numbers are normally very high, as there is a keen interest in the Outdoor Club. Please inform us if you are able to assist with transport.

We request that all Outdoor Club Members wear their orange caps when we go on outings. This identifies our group and it makes it easier for us to keep tabs on all of the kids. Outdoor Club caps are available for new members, at R70,00.

All payments for learners, who will be joining us, must be in by 26 January 2018.  Please e-mail me regarding which outings you would like your child to attend and place all monies in a clearly marked envelope. Please send this to Mr Dunn and take note that no change will be given.


Kwartaal 1


3 Februarie 2018

08:00 – 12:30

Rietvlei Natuurreservaat

Koste:  R30 p.p.


‘Februarie is Vleilande’-maand

Watervoëls (bird-watching) en miniSass (kyk na insekte in water en bepaal kwaliteit – CAPS-verwant).


9 Februarie 2018

17:30 – 21:00

Tygerberg Natuurreservaat

Koste: R60 p.p.


Nagdiere en sterrekyk met ‘n teleskoop / Nocturnal life & star-gazing
Spanbou; Suiderkruis; Arts & Crafts; Nagstaptog opsoek na nagdiere.


10 Februarie 2018

08:30 – 12:00

Tygerberg Natuurreservaat

Koste: R30p.p.


Fire Wise – Februarie is gewoonlik brandseisoen

Ons maak kinders bewus van veldbrande en wys hulle hoe om met basiese veldbrandtoerusting te werk.


17 Februarie 2018

08:00 – 13:00

False Bay Nature Reserve

Koste: R60 p.p.


Gantouw Project (Elande), “obstacle course” (spanbou)

Ons besoek en loop saam met elande (natuurstaptog).



13 Oktober 2018

08:30 – 12:30

Brackenfell Natuurreservaat

Kostes: R60 p.p.


Reptiele- & Slangvertoning

(1 uur interaktiewe slangvertoning met buite gekwalifiseerde person; kinders kry geleentheid om ‘n slang vas te hou.)

Staptog en aktiwiteitsblaaie (CAPS linked)


20 Oktober 2018

08:00 – 12:30

Blaauwberg Natuurreservaat

Kostes: R30 p.p.


Seelewe / Strandlewe / Duine

4 km Duinstaptog / “beach clean-up”


27 Oktober 2018

17:30 – 21:00 (aandprogram)

Tygerberg Natuurreservaat

Kostes: R60 p.p.


Rhythms of Nature

Hoe Diere kommunikeer deur dans en musiek (ons het ‘n 1 uur danswerkswinkel, ‘n nag staptog en ‘n “Stalk the lantern” speletjie.)


28 Oktober 2018

08:30 – 12:15

Durbanville Natuurreservaat

Kostes: R60 p.p.


Wild@Heart (oorlewingsdag en afsluiting)

Kettie skiet, tou knoop, waterfiltrering en lekker spanbouspeletjies