Pottery Projects


  • Kinders kry die kans om met klei te eksperimeteer en bou, wat voldoen aan kognitiewe en emosionele ontwikkeling.
  • Kinders put genot daaruit en is trots op die voorwerpe wat hulle skep, wat hul selfbeeld versterk.
  • Kleiwerk verbeter hul fyn motoriese ontwikkeling en konsentrasie.



Clay provides opportunity for:Capture


  • A Sensory Experience as it begs to be pinched, poked, twisted and rolled. Children develop both fine- and major- motor skills while working with clay.
  • Building Confidence and Esteem through Expression as children grow in confidence and realise they are in command of the clay. They start attempting projects, leading to greater self-expression.
  • Acquiring Problem Solving Skills as they begin to understand shape, form and perspective – a first lesson in geometry. They learn to plan, measure, estimate and predict.
  • A uniquely therapeutic medium which calms children and holds their attention for hours.
  • Instilling Discipline and learning to follow through as they learn the processes and rules necessary for working with clay. Through following guidelines they learn that discipline and consecutive thought leads to success.Capture2
  • Growth of Pride and Self-Worth through encouraging the children to strive for excellence in applying their skills. We believe that the process and skills acquired is more important than the end-product, however, when they receive their completed projects it is lovely to see them hold the project with such pride.







When and where?

On Mondays, we offer two classes for Grade R and Pre-Grade R’s (Fledglings). Classes take place in the Pixies Play school classroom. Group 1 is from 12:35 – 13:15 and we collect the children from their classes. Group 2 usually consists of aftercare children and classes are from 13:20 – 14:00. The aftercare teachers bring the children to us.  On Mondays we also offer a lesson for Grade 1-7 at Pixie Playschool from 14:30 – 15:15.


On Tuesdays, we offer two classes: Group 1, for grade 1 and 2, from 13:30 – 14:15, and Group 2, for Grade 3 – 7, from 14:30 – 15:15. Classes take place in the Technology Room next to the tuck shop.


What clay do we use?

We use genuine earthenware potter’s clay which is sourced from the earth. We work with various colours, each having their own textures, mostly Terracotta, Black, White, We also occasionally work with Air-Drying clay which is specially formulated to harden without firing (baking).


How long does it take for pottery to be returned?

Clay projects take approx. 2 weeks to dry before they can be fired (baked). Wet weather brings longer drying times. Once sufficiently dry, we bisque fire the projects to 900° taking 12 hours, and 18 hours to cool down. If the project is being glazed, we will do a glaze firing to 1120° taking 12 hours, with a cooling down period of 20 hours. Please allow 3-4 week turnaround time – it is well worth the wait!


What is the teacher to learner ratio?

In our junior groups, we operate on approximately 10 learners to one assistant. In our senior groups the ratio is on approximately 12 learners to one assistant. In both groups, the teacher gives instruction to the whole group. We then move to the tables where assistance is available should a learner need it.

How do I sign up and what does it cost?

You can sign up through your menu form. Pricing can be found on the form. The costs for the term include all clay, firing, pottery paints and glazing.