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2018 PTA Executive Committee

  • Comprises of six parents, two teachers, a Governing Body representative and the Head of Sport
  • Meets on a monthly basis
  • Other teachers and parents approached for assistance as required per event


Committee Members

  • Lina Pieterse (Chairperson)
  • Tracey Farndell (Vice Chairperson)
  • Tracy Goodrich (Secretary)
  • Renee Colatruglio
  • Tracy Kriek
  • Andrea Petersen


Kenridge Staff

  • Teachers:
    • Chris Dunn
    • Emily Kempton-Jones
  • Governing Body Representative:
    • Claudell Müller
  • Head of Sport:
    • Lesley Anderson

Objectives of the PTA

  • To promote good fellowship between parents, teachers and learners
  • To work in close co-operation with the Governing Body
  • To devise, promote and implement fundraising activities for the benefit of the school
  • To arrange social events which cultivate a fun environment for learners, parents and teachers
  • To arrange motivational, inspiring and educational talks for Kenridge learners and parents

Fundraising goals for 2018

  • The funds raised by the PTA will be used to upgrade the various playground areas on the campus.

Events for 2018

  • Term 2:
    • Maintenance Appreciation Day (13 April)
    • Señor Chef (11 May – 26 July)
    • Simon Mantell Entrepreneurial Talk for Grade 7 learners (21 June)
  • Term 3:
    • Staff Appreciation Day (17 August)
  • Term 4:
    • Carnival (12 October)


For further information, please contact the chairperson at